Cooking oil buying guide for a healthy lifestyle

On December 6, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

There are so many cooking oils on the market–where do people even start. The best place to start is deciding what people would use the oil for. For a lighter taste, Extra virgin olive oil would be good for salads and pastas. If someone is cooking with it, they would want a higher smoke point like Canola. […]


Children learn about healthy foods — and gardening

On December 3, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Children need to learn about the affects that eating healthy can have on them. By eating healthy, children are setting themselves up to look good and feel good for the majority of their lives. It is their duty to take care of themselves as they get older but a little push from their elders would […]


Americans support genetically engineering animals for people’s health

On November 29, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

The genetically engineering of animals for people’s health is becoming more and more mainstream as time goes. In general, scientific experiments of this nature are becoming more and more popular and people seem to be okay with it. Animals lovers hate the entire concept and find it to be against the will of God to […]


A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of colon cancer

On November 26, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

By engaging in a healthy lifestyle, people are really taking care of their bodies. With all of the diseases that are flying around these days, the best thing that someone can do is take care of themselves. Health is paramount to every other thing in the entire world. Now, that thought is only getting more […]


9 Health Benefits Of Eating Carbs Experts Want People To Know About

On November 22, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Too many carbs, just like any kind of nutrient, is not healthy for the body. For people who exercise a great amount, like athletes or dancers, carbs are really important because they provide them with some great energy that other things can simply not provide. However, people must know that too many carbs, and lack of […]


Water Filtration for a Charity project in Rural Africa

On November 19, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

The following exchange might be of assistance to anyone looking at setting up clean water supplies in rural parts of Africa We received the following email: “Thank you for your very helpful website which has given me a lot of thoughts about the possibilities of water purification. I am a UK Surgeon volunteering at […]


8 healthy eating rules from a dietician

On November 19, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Regardless of what any of the professionals say, people know their bodies better than anyone else. People can see how their bodies reacts after eating certain foods and how they feel on a day to day basis. They are the ones that have to deal with all of those things as they get older. If […]


6 of the best reusable water bottles to take to the gym

On November 15, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

At the gym, we all have seen those try hard people who bring massive gallons of water to them to gym. If you are like most people, you do not need something that is so impractical. Now, there are new reusable water bottles that you can take with you every single day to the gym. […]


5 Things I Learned On A ‘Wellbeing Holiday’

On November 12, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Everybody needs a vacation or a holiday period at some point in their life. If not for other people, the individuals who take these holidays say that it is so important for their own well-being. It is healthy for people to get away and see new things so that they can bring these new experiences […]


4 Red Flags For Mental Health That Experts Say People Might Not Be Paying Attention To

On November 8, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

So many people, in today’s world, are dealing with some mental health issues but they do not know how to deal with it. They do not know how they can communicate that they are struggling in a big way and feel as if no one cares about their state of mind. However, times have changed […]