Bottled water is a nonsense. Just ban it and fill our towns with drinking fountains | Sonia Sodha

On August 30, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

More people go for water these days than soda, which is good. More people are going greener, which is good too. But, is it enough? Plastic is ruinous for the environment, that has been pointed on ad infinitum. On a personal, financial level it is an expensive commodity to keep up. Think about the amount […]


Is bottled water still safe to drink?

On August 27, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Recent university research uncovered some potentially troubling concerns, regarding bottled water. Several hundred bottles were tested, encompassing a wide array of brands. What was discovered was that mico-filaments of plastic were endemic in the water-source. An average of ten plastic filaments per liter were discovered, none smaller than a hair follicle. The World Health Organization […]


Bewl Water is warning of poisonous algae after reports of two dog deaths

On August 23, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Two dogs have reportedly died after swimming in the Bewl Water Reservoir, prompting Bewl Water to warn of the risk of toxic blue-green algae in the water. The warning comes too late for Leo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who played in the water and then suddenly went into respiratory distress and seizures as his horrified […]


What is Fluoride?

On August 20, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Your tooth enamel is in a constant, cyclical state of destruction and repair through the twin processes of demineralization and remineralization. Remineralization deposits minerals like calcium and fluoride into the tooth enamel, while demineralization involves bacteria or plaque generating acidic compounds that damage the teeth. Fluoride, which is found in US tap water as well […]


5 Reasons to Always Use A Shower Filter | Wellness Mama

On August 16, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Did you know that your shower not only poses a risk to you while actually showering, but also when it is idle due to emitting vapors in the air? These vapors can contain traces of chlorine and dangerous minerals and bacteria that pose a risk to our health. It is important to continuously clean your […]


Ten ‘stealth microplastics’ to avoid if you want to save the oceans

On August 13, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

We’re all aware of the common contaminants that can get into the ocean and potentially harm our aquatic wildlife, but what about the small plastic particles that we do not always see? For instance, sometimes shedding from outdoor clothing can cause pollution due to the synthetic fabrics. Cigarette butts can also cause a large amount […]


8 Good Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

On August 13, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

Water is one of the world’s most important substances. Humans can live for 14 days plus without food. But without water we’d all be dead in 3 days. However our supply of clean, healthy drinking water faces major challenges such as ageing water pipes and environmental pollution. These have increased the amounts of toxic and […]


Water pollution: An introduction to causes, effects, solutions

On August 9, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

Water accounts for 2/3 of Earth’s surface. With a growing population, Earth’s water resources are negatively affected by way of pollution. We can put the pollution blame square on the shoulders of humans. Water pollution occurs when substances build up in sources. Pollution has an effect on ground water and surface waters. We determine water […]


Water Pollution Facts, Causes, Effects & Solutions

On August 6, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

In the last century, our large sources of water, like lakes, rivers, and oceans, have been prone to pollution. Its negative implications range from hurting the ecosystem to harming our water and food supplies to environmental downfalls. Any hazardous substances that touches water can cause pollution. Rainfalls and large companies producing chemical and hazardous waste […]


Causes and consequences of water pollution | Sustainability for all

On August 2, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

The dramatic impact that we have on our natural water sources as humans is often underrated and goes somewhat unrecognized. We are the primary perpetrators in polluting various water sources through our use of pesticides on surrounding vegetation. This leads to some very drastic consequences, such as the extinction of wildlife, especially in aquatic environments. […]