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Avoiding Fluoride Dental Materials – non-fluoride dental products

On September 27, 2021, in Discoveries & Innovation, Features, Government, Health, by ukwfstaff

Any dentist will have non-fluoride products readily available because non-fluoride products have always been around. (Dentistry precedes the fluoride-touting chemical industry). Let’s drill down (ha!) into specific materials that might go into your mouth at your dental surgery.   Fillings / aka “Composite fillings”   Ask for Methyl methacrylate This is the filling “base’ you […]


Does Fluoride Interfere with Creativity / Creative Intuition

On September 27, 2021, in Commentary, Discoveries & Innovation, Features, by ukwfstaff

Here’s a chat I had with my dentist recently: Me: I’d rather not have a fluoride-based filling. Dentist: Why not? (Thinks: ‘Oh God. I thought this one was “normal”) Me: I’m worried that it interferes with my creativity. Dentist: What do you mean? Me: My artistic friends have observed that using fluoride toothpaste somehow seems to block their […]


Want to Avoid Fluoride At Your Dentist but Too Afraid to Ask? Here’s Four things You Can Say

On September 27, 2021, in Discoveries & Innovation, Drinking Water, Features, Government, Health, Latest, by ukwfstaff

​​If you don’t want to have Fluoride as part of your dental treatment then simply tell your dentist. Every dental practice will have alternatives to fluoride readily stocked (Read more here) Your dentist might be bemused by your decision. But more and more people are bringing this up so your dentist should be less surprised […]


Arsenic Removed From Water Using “Smart Material”

On December 14, 2015, in Discoveries & Innovation, Drinking Water, by Erik

Researchers the Imperial College London have discovered a new way to eliminate arsenic from drinking water sources. Using a new “smart material” with a zinc base, it is possible to remove arsenic from groundwater sources through adsorption. Read more about this finding here.

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What Scientists Are Doing to Monitor Groundwater Near Fracking Sites

On December 9, 2015, in Discoveries & Innovation, by Erik

The Groundwater Research of Ohio has taken the mantle into studying the groundwater and nearby drinking water sources of fracking sites not only in their state but throughout the country. Their findings and research over time can influence and inform the scientific communities in the U.K. and beyond. For more on what the GRO is […]

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Want to Remove Arsenic From Drinking Water? Smoke Up.

On December 7, 2015, in Discoveries & Innovation, by Erik

While smoking is an unhealthy, detrimental habit, drinking water contaminated with arsenic is outright deadly. So who would have thought that discarded cigarette ashes could remove 96% of arsenic in water? That’s even lower than the standard set by the World Health Organization! Read the link here to find out more about this odd discovery

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Lessons about “Blue Water” after Privatisation of UK Water Companies

On April 9, 2015, in Discoveries & Innovation, Government, Health, by ukwfstaff

The information below was sent in by one of our clients. We thought we should publish it a) to show how age and experience matter greatly and (b) because it might be of help to future researchers. **** “Dear Ed, Please note that if you decide to publish what I am about to say I would […]


Re-use / Recycle Water Filter Cartridges

On March 28, 2015, in Commentary, Discoveries & Innovation, by ukwfstaff

Here’s a typical question we get: Hi The new water filter arrived and is safely installed , thank you . How do I dispose of the old one , does it go in to plastics recycling ? Best wishes Susan Good question Susan: There are 2 main types of filter we’ll cover here: Inline filters […]

Innovations Will Help Save Water and Save the World

On December 22, 2014, in Commentary, Discoveries & Innovation, by Erik

While there are several articles about the global water crisis, we are not without hope. Brilliant people are coming up with unconventional theories, ideas, and inventions that can help us live through it and even end it.


Coffee Farmers Can Now Purify Water with Excrement

On December 18, 2014, in Discoveries & Innovation, by Erik

Technology funded by the Dutch government’s Global Sustainable Biomass Fund and Hivos allows wastewater to be cleansed using animal manure contained in a bio-digester. While the solid waste is obviously filtered, the dung’s bacteria feeds on the contaminants within the wastewater. This method has shown to reduce levels of contamination by 81%. For a full […]