Avoiding Fluoride Dental Materials – non-fluoride dental products

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Any dentist will have non-fluoride products readily available because non-fluoride products have always been around. (Dentistry precedes the fluoride-touting chemical industry). Let’s drill down (ha!) into specific materials that might go into your mouth at your dental surgery.   Fillings / aka “Composite fillings”   Ask for Methyl methacrylate This is the filling “base’ you […]


Does Fluoride Interfere with Creativity / Creative Intuition

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Here’s a chat I had with my dentist recently: Me: I’d rather not have a fluoride-based filling. Dentist: Why not? (Thinks: ‘Oh God. I thought this one was “normal”) Me: I’m worried that it interferes with my creativity. Dentist: What do you mean? Me: My artistic friends have observed that using fluoride toothpaste somehow seems to block their […]


Want to Avoid Fluoride At Your Dentist but Too Afraid to Ask? Here’s Four things You Can Say

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​​If you don’t want to have Fluoride as part of your dental treatment then simply tell your dentist. Every dental practice will have alternatives to fluoride readily stocked (Read more here) Your dentist might be bemused by your decision. But more and more people are bringing this up so your dentist should be less surprised […]


New: How You Can Recycle Your Water Filter

On May 11, 2020, in Features, News, by ukwfstaff

One of the most common questions that’s come up in the last few months is about recycling used water filters. The answer depends on the exact type of water filter cartridge used. We’ve written a guide on our website  “How to Recycle your Water Filter” Check out the full details here We love the way […]


Water Filtration for a Charity project in Rural Africa

On November 19, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

The following exchange might be of assistance to anyone looking at setting up clean water supplies in rural parts of Africa We received the following email: “Thank you for your very helpful website https://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk which has given me a lot of thoughts about the possibilities of water purification. I am a UK Surgeon volunteering at […]


New: Pay by Installment for Your Drinking Water Filters.

On September 18, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

  UK Water Filters have started offering credit / installment payment plans for customers of their drinking water filters. “We noticed a disconnect between our mission of bringing purified drinking water to as many people as possible – thereby reducing the use of plastic water bottles – and what was actually happening with our customers” says Edward […]


New UK Drinking Water Testing Service

On September 18, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

  UK Water Filters are pleased to announce the launch of our water testing service. The service links clients to one of the UK’s top water testing laboratories. Fully certified by the UK’s Drinking Water Inspectorate the lab has years of experience with testing private and public water supplies. Common water sources tested are water […]

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Great comparison of international drinking water standards

On September 18, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

We’ve just compiled a comparison table of international drinking water standards. And here it is This compares the maximum levels that different regulators give for various contaminants The chart compares the USA with the World Health Organisation, the UK, Europe and Scandinavian countries. (We included Scandinavia because they tend to have high public health standards). […]

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8 Good Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

On August 13, 2018, in Features, by ukwfstaff

Water is one of the world’s most important substances. Humans can live for 14 days plus without food. But without water we’d all be dead in 3 days. However our supply of clean, healthy drinking water faces major challenges such as ageing water pipes and environmental pollution. These have increased the amounts of toxic and […]


Is Bottled Water Part of the Obesity Epidemic?

On June 23, 2017, in Features, by ukwfstaff

Does Bottled Water Make You Fat? And Might It Cause Cancer Too? We all used to think that dieting was simply about calorie counting and exercise. But now scientists are taking a different view. You may have heard about the danger of hidden chemicals in our food packaging. Sadly there are many of these but […]