Here’s a chat I had with my dentist recently:

Me: I’d rather not have a fluoride-based filling.

Dentist: Why not? (Thinks: ‘Oh God. I thought this one was “normal”)

Me: I’m worried that it interferes with my creativity.

Dentist: What do you mean?

Me: My artistic friends have observed that using fluoride toothpaste somehow seems to block their creativity… so thanks but I don’t want any in my dental treatment”

Dentist: Actually my partner is an artist and I’ve never heard of that.

Me: (Thinks: ”Really? Maybe that’s why I’ve never heard of them haha” )

But I don’t say it because that would be unnecessarily cruel. And as many well-known contemporary artists have proven so effectively, artistic recognition has little to do with artistic talent.

Me: .. Soooo is that OK? Can you make sure not to use any dental materials with fluoride in them?

The answer should be:

Dentist: Yes that is not a problem. 

And it shouldn’t be, because, as we detail in  the article How to tell Your Dentist you don’t want Fluoride, every dental surgery will have non-fluoride products readily available.


How Fluoride seems to affect Artists (and Psychics too)

One of the things that impressed this writer was – while having no particular views for or against them – hearing a Psychic mentioning how fluoride blocked their connection to the spirit world.

There’s similar anecdotal evidence that fluoride has a negative effect on artistic creativity. 

Many artists believe their inspiration comes from ”above”.

Musicians like Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame has spoken openly about there being a pool of great songs floating around in the ether.

When you hear one you have to grab it / write it down immediately or it moves on to the next guy.

If fluoride blocks the psychic then does it also block artistic inspiration?

And Massage Therapists…

Fluoride is also felt to diminish the work of massage therapists, especially “intuitive” energy based massages like shiatsu where there’s an exchange of energy between the giver and receiver.

Again, this is anecdotal…

(But realistically;  how can you get evidence-based testing on intangible things like inspiration, psychic connection and energy based massages?)

Somewhere out there a smart scientist might be reading this article and might come up with a solution to this problem.

Conclusion: Fluoride seems to affect intuition. So it seems to affect those who rely on intuition


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