Gyms are beginning to reopen, albeit with protocols for masking, distancing and capacity. In areas where gyms cannot legally reopen, “speakeasy gyms” are covertly appearing. Another trend is the popularity of fitness apps, such as Strava. Exercisers have taken not only to fitness apps, but also to outdoor classes. Some are even working out in bubbles. Running has remained popular as an approved outdoor activity during the pandemic. Sales of outdoor bicycles have increased, and Peloton bikes and dumbbells are in short supply. Sports apparel and leisurewear has also experienced a boost in sales, thanks to both fitness buffs and couch potatoes who lounge at home most of the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • The use of fitness apps, such as Strava, has soared during the pandemic.
  • Many Americans took to running outdoors, with or without masks, during the lockdown.
  • Sales of athletic apparel and leisurewear have increased, due to increases in exercising and working from home.

“The fitness industry has changed dramatically during the pandemic, as the coronavirus outbreak has temporarily shuttered gyms and prompted Americans to find creative ways to stay fit.”

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