Any dentist will have non-fluoride products readily available because non-fluoride products have always been around.

(Dentistry precedes the fluoride-touting chemical industry).

Let’s drill down (ha!) into specific materials that might go into your mouth at your dental surgery.


Fillings / aka “Composite fillings”


Ask for Methyl methacrylate

This is the filling “base’ you want.

It is a very common fluoride-free material used for composite fillings ie the white fillings. 

But make sure your white fillings are NOT:


Glass Ionomer Fillings – avoid

This is another white filling / bonding agent – which does have fluoride in it.

The boast is that this releases fluoride over time “thus strengthening your tooth and maintaining good dental health” … and possibly poisoning you.


Gold fillings

These are cemented on with a resin. So be careful that Glass Ionomer isn’t used “for extra protection around the edge”.

No thanks.

There are alternatives


Now rinse out please:

Your dentist probably uses highly diluted Hydrogen peroxide for their Mouth Rinses.

This doesnt contain fluoride. But check if they use something else


Teeth Cleaning / Polishing:

Fluoride products aren’t usually used by default by dental hygienists.

But some of the polishing pastes might have fluoride in them. So check this with your dental hygienist.



Dentists will use the fluoride materials by default so you do need to tell them.

If you have a serious tooth decay issue they might challenge you but they should have alternatives.

It is your body. Not the dentists. So what you allow into your body is your decision.

Any dentist that argues with you is highly questionable. By all means they can starte their case. Buut once you’ve put your points to them they should accept it. If not, maybe it’s time to find yourself a better human being as your dentist.


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Methyl methacrylate

Glass Ionomer Fillings


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