Water Tweeters That’ll Quench Your Feed

On December 19, 2015, in News, by Erik

With all the news about water filtration, water treatment, and other water issues throughout the world, the conversation about water is one of the most relevant in the 21st century. With this in mind, it might be the conversation that should keep going in your Twitter feed with people like Peter Gleik, Cate Lamb, and […]

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The Never Ending War to Get Wet

On December 10, 2015, in Latest, by Erik

While much of the news is focused on wars fighting for oil, the original liquid that tends to cause bloodshed is battles over water. For thousands of years, water has been a source of tension in terms of territorial ownership, resource claims, and transport. Read here to see how very little of that has changed.

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Re-use / Recycle Water Filter Cartridges

On March 28, 2015, in Commentary, Discoveries & Innovation, by ukwfstaff

Here’s a typical question we get: Hi The new water filter arrived and is safely installed , thank you . How do I dispose of the old one , does it go in to plastics recycling ? Best wishes Susan Good question Susan: There are 2 main types of filter we’ll cover here: Inline filters […]

It’s Farmers vs. Drillers for US Water

On November 17, 2014, in Commentary, Water Business, by Erik

Why fracking and farmers are coming to blows in the US, and what it means for water security.

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What Happened to UK Water Charges?

On November 14, 2014, in Government, by Erik

Water charges have been effective off and on for decades in the UK. In many areas they were the norm until 1997, when they were discontinued over mounting public pressure on the Government. Now, with the fate of water charges in a very similar situation, take a look back at the history of water charges, […]

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Dirty Water Leads to Infant Death in Tanzania

On November 6, 2014, in Latest, by Erik

The Miali Health Centre in Tanzania lacks clean water resources that could prevent the deaths of several infants. The clinic itself has no water available for delivery rooms and requests expected mothers to supply their own water for the birth. Much of the water that is available has to be dug up in nearby dirty […]

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Irish Government to Revise Water Pricing

On November 6, 2014, in Drinking Water, Government, by Erik

After over 150,000 people took part in protests on Saturday, the Irish government has listened and is planning to change the charging system of Ireland’s water utility. While this might seem like a good move, the Right2Water organizers will continue to fight to have water paid by general taxation, not a utility fee. For more […]

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Beijing Enterprises to Assist in Singapore’s Utilities

On November 5, 2014, in Latest, by Erik

Beijing Enterprises Water Group (BEWG) was announced as the winning bidder to develop Singapore’s wastewater reuse plant. The $141 million contract will be fulfilled while working alongside the United Engineers subsidy, UE NEWater in creating the design and construction. For a full article on this story, click here:: BEWG wins the seal of approval in […]

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The Government Needs to Step Up Water Equality

On November 3, 2014, in Commentary, Government, by Erik

Access to clean water is something that effects communities locally but is a global issue. It is time for governments to stand together to remedy this disparity and provide quality water for all people.