11 ways to stay active in winter

On November 25, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

It may be hard to stay motivated to stay active in the winter when it is cold outside and when you hear the wind howling outside your window. There are ways to stay active in the winter, by finding an indoor activity. You can also stay active outdoors as long as you dress in layers […]


Best Drinking Water: 5 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration

On November 23, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

One of the best things to do to maintain everyday health is ensure to drink enough water. However, not all water is the same, and some water may be better for certain people. Despite the semantics, we can agree that water that is pure and with pleasant taste is good water. Minerals in water provide many […]


4 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

On November 21, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

In a toxic world we all need to evaluate how healthy our lifestyle really is. We all kid ourselves in thinking that eating that one salad today or parking a few more feet away from the store is enough to consider ourselves healthy but the fact is…Its not. Just a few easy tasks to add […]


Why Water is Important – H2O is a Essential Nutrient for Health

On November 19, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

There is probably nothing out there that can be classified as an essential and necessary nutrient more rightfully than water. For most people, it is abundant and easily accessible which is why we take it for granted. For the same reason, many of us do not understand the critical aspect of adequate hydration. Throughout our […]


Plant-based lifestyles can be good for young athletes | Commentary – Orlando Sentinel

On November 17, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

I was asked recently if being a vegan is unhealthy for people who are athletes and/or unhealthy for people in general because the diet lacks protein. The answer is no, yes, you can be an unhealthy vegan, but it isn’t because of the diet specifically that leads to poor health. There are plenty of foods […]


Positive thinking is the key to success!

On November 15, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

Thinking positive has been the key to success for many others, and there are a few reasons for that. When you think positive, you have won half the battle already, being confident in your abilities is the start to any success story. When you think positive, it minimizes stress and allows you to see things […]


Changing clocks twice a year disrupts sleep schedules, harms health — and it should end, sleep experts say – KTLA

On November 13, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

Daylight saving time is damaging to our health, according to experts. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has called for it to be abolished due to the damage changing clocks does to our sleep patterns. Poor sleep is linked to several chronic health problems, including type II diabetes and depression. One problem is, the eastern […]


The Benefits Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle

On November 11, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

There are many different benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle. When we are healthy, we have more energy and fuel to run on each day. We also will have a better mental health because poor lifestyles can lead to depression and anxiety. Living healthy can lead to improved sleep as well as healthy […]


How Much Water Do We Really Need To Drink?

On November 9, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

While there has always been a rule of thumb that an individual should drink up to eight glasses of water a day, many forget that there is more ways to reach those eight glasses of water besides just drinking it. Another way is through food, most foods have some amount of water in it, helping […]


7 benefits of being healthy

On November 7, 2020, in Commentary, by Erik

There are many different benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy allows us to fight diseases and illnesses off. It also helps build confidence as you will most likely look better if you are healthy. Being healthy can help improve brain health, mood and reduce stress. It also can help improve performance and […]