UK Water Filters have started offering credit / installment payment plans for customers of their drinking water filters.

“We noticed a disconnect between our mission of bringing purified drinking water to as many people as possible – thereby reducing the use of plastic water bottles – and what was actually happening with our customers” says Edward Parry, UK Water Filters Ltd’s CEO.

“We realised that the people buying the new filter systems tended to be quite affluent.
Less wealthy people were very interested but couldn’t afford what might seem to some to be a modest outlay.
Instead, they continued to buy water bottles for their families. It seems to be a question of cash flow. When you’re strapped for cash, spending £1 now for a water bottle looks a lot better than laying out £60 or £70″.

In response, UK Water Filters have set up installment plan/payment arrangements on several of its water filter systems.

A Reverse Osmosis unit – the best type of drinking water filter available – costs £197. UK Water Filters now offer it on an installment plan with an initial down payment of £47 and then 5 monthly payments of £30.

Similarly, a whole house filter for £297 is available for a down payment of £57 and then 6 monthly payments of £40.

Paying for the water filters on credit incurs no extra cost. It’s a “0% interest” rate.

“The response has been amazing,” says Parry. “We’re proud to be able to help reduce the senseless waste of one-time-use plastic bottles, and help people to greatly improve the quality of their tap water”.

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