Fluoride in Irish Tap Water: The Great Debate

On February 27, 2015, in Commentary, by Erik

This has been an issue for debate for several years: does adding fluoride to tap water add more harm than good? Countries such as the United States and Canada, along with the Irish Department of Health believe it is beneficial to oral health. However, movements have risen in Ireland that are fighting against fluoridation.

Critics believe that the fluoride in certain doses can cause a myriad of health problems from hip fractures to lowering the IQ within children. The Irish Dental Association and even the World Health Organization refute those claims, stating scientific research doesn’t show any adverse health effects and that even extreme excess fluoridation can only lead to dental and skeletal issues. No matter which side you’re on, you can support either movement and still buy non-fluoride water at the shop. For more on this debate, click here:: Troubled Waters

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