You go for a long bike ride, but halfway through you run out of water. What can you do? Now there’s a water bottle that, under the right conditions, will never run dry! Or you can get a bottle that uses the power of UV light to purify!

Industrial designer Kristof Retezar is aiming his self-filling water bottle, called Fontus, at long-distance cyclists. If the air is right, Fontus can pull at least one pint of drinking water from it in just an hour. Imagine never having to stop to refill, as your bottle does all of that for you! There’s also the Camelbak All Clear Micobiological UV Water Purifier. This bottle will fit a standard bicycle bottle holder and can turn river, well, or tap water into perfectly safe drinking water. All you have to do is activate the UV lamp inside and shake the bottle for sixty seconds. The UV light destroys any DNA present in the water, making it impossible for any microbes to reproduce. Even better, the light can be charged from any USB port! If you’re a cyclist looking to stay hydrated, keep an out for these products!

Read the full article here: Fontus: Self-Filling Bicycle Bottle Makes One Pint an Hour

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