Scientists at University of the West of England – UWE Bristol have found a way to take dirty water, either affected with biological, industrial or bacterial contaminants and transform it into drinkable water. The mobile treatment plant will be able to purify over thousands of liters of water for over a billion people across the world. Named the Ninja, the ultra-filtration will be especially valuable or third world decentralized countries or even in cases of disaster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many areas of the world do not have access to a reliable supply of clean drinking water.
  • Scientists at UWE Bristol are testing a portable water purification process.
  • The mobile water purification system known as Ninja, removes biological and agricultural contaminants disinfecting raw water.

“The system is the culmination of 10 years’ work, having started life as an academic research project in a small shed on campus affectionately named Stanley by researchers. It is part of UWE Bristol’s drive to make a difference on a global level with ground-breaking research.”

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