The Nigerian government has become proactive in the healthy well being of their residents with the help of the Diamond Fitness Club. The newly elected president of Nigeria, Okafor, included statements in his inauguration regarding his concerns of sustaining a sedentary lifestyle along with a direct regard for those who are disabled and the poor. The fitness club has played a significant role in promoting this healthy and active lifestyle to the people of Nigeria. This action has been carried on from the former president Onyebuchi.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nigeria has committed to the health and welfare of their people. The Diamond Fitness Club has spear headed this movement.
  • The government has strongly encouraged its people to engage in physical activity which promotes health in both body and mind.
  • It was noted that this activity plays a huge role in behavioral development. This was especially important for the poor, under privileged and disabled.

“According to Okafor, engaging in physical activity plays a vital role in the total behavioural development of an individual.”

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