One’s environment can actually change one’s health for the better. We can take this lesson from our zoo’s and the way they were designed. Our entire environment can play a huge role in our every day lives and can affect our health and eating habits. We take into consideration what goes on before a zoo is actually built. Professionals work together for maximum benefits for the animals well being. They look at things like lighting and vegetation as well as making it a place that is desirable and the same goes for people. Having an environment that is visually appealing and encourages ones to get out, move and be healthy is the ultimate quest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emmanuel Tsekleves, a designs interaction lecturer, believes that the way cities, towns, and environments are designed play a part in the obesity epidemic.
  • He believes we should study how zoos are designed to accommodate animals’ requirments, habitats, vegetation, materials, and lighting and apply it to our world.
  • Adding playful elements, like musical stairs, can play a part in the encouragement of people living healthier lives.

“Our psychological, physiological and physical status as well as our interactions with other people and with the natural environment are all affected.”

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