This may be the fanciest water ever!

On December 15, 2014, in Commentary, by Erik

Bottled water confused me as a child. I always thought there was perfectly good water in the tap, but I was lucky enough to grow up where fresh water was clean and plentiful. I now understand the value of bottled water in areas where it’s difficult to come by.

However, most of us do just fine with filtered water from the tap. Fancy bottled water at restaurants and specialty stores is a different animal altogether, adding extra expenses for a taste of the exotic, but I’m not convinced it would taste any different. Then there’s mist water.

Canarian Mist Water is collected from the fog surrounding the high mountain peaks of the Canary Islands. Around 20,000 litres are collected each month with no waste, and no emissions.

Now that’s as fancy as fancy water gets. I admit I would be curious to taste it. Still, while my mind might soar around the foggy peaks at the first sip, my body would accept it as regular old dihydrogen monoxide, and my wallet would be calling me an idiot.

Read the full article here: Drinking Foggy Water

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