One woman’s father was only 66-years old when he found himself suffering from a bad case of bronchitis. The doctors unfortunately had bad news upon his next appointment, letting him know that it was actually stage four lung cancer. The man ended up showing his daughter that he wrote his own obituary. In his obituary, he urged others to stop smoking. He claimed that it was just a habit that cost him time with his family, money, and ultimately his life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Geoffrey Turner spent an agonizing 3 months battling stage 4 lung cancer before succumbing to the disease.
  • Although a lifelong smoker, Turner had not suffered any perceived ill-effects from the habit until he contracted an apparent case of bronchitis that would not go away.
  • Despite having a career in the computer field and achieving many personal milestones, Turner elected to make his self-penned obituary a cautionary epistle, warning smokers to stop while they can.

“Sarah Huiest knew that her father had made preparations for his death, including writing his own obituary – a way, she said, for the 66-year-old to tell his own story in his own words.”

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