The maintenance workers at Anglian Water were recently called to quite the peculiar scenario: cleaning up a sewage blockage that was created by someone dumping pounds upon pounds of Yorkshire pudding down into the system. The pudding ended up creating a massive clog, and the workers are working steadily to find the culprit. They’ve revealed that once they find out who was responsible for the mishap, they will release information to the public that includes exactly where the blockage occurred.

Key Takeaways:

  • After a glut of Yorkshire puddings blocked a town sewer, a water company in south East England is reminding people to dispose of their food waste thoughtfully.
  • Anglian water was called because there were blocked sewers in Ipswich in Suffolk county, and when they came, they discovered it was caused by Yorkshire puddings.
  • Anglian water had to post pictures of the puddings on Twitter, one picture showing a pile of puddings and batter blocking a sewer.

“According to the Anglian Water website, there are 30,000 sewer blockages in the region each year, and more than half of these are caused by fat, oil, grease, and “unflushables” like wet wipes, sanitary products — and now Yorkshire puddings, evidently.”

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