While a warm spell in the UK is bringing people outdoors to enjoy the weather, it may spell an upcoming crisis for wildlife. Hibernating animals are coming out much earlier. Migrating birds are returning, and reports have been received of them nesting and breeding with the unusual warmth. However, if weather returns to normal, these animals will be struggling to feed themselves as their food sources retreat again. Providing food, fresh water, and a safe place for the birds to nest will help out the local wildlife, should the weather turn cold again.

Key Takeaways:

  • People have been drawn to parks and streets because of the warm weather and wildlife charities predict a crisis in nature if it turns cold again.
  • The worst culprits could be animals that are hibernating like hedgehogs, reptiles and insects who would lose their food sources like worms if the weather eventually becomes cold again.
  • To help wildlife survive these weather if there is a return to colder conditions, people should make sure they have fresh water for drinking.

“For the first time, the UK has been basking in temperatures above 20C in winter as forecasters say Tuesday is another record-breaking day.”

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47370918


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