Research is being done that is showing that mindfulness based interventions can improve a persons ability to change. They do this by allowing for a greater capacity of focused attention and emotion regulation. People have tried to give up smoking through this mindfulness intervention, and it’s purpose is to focus on the bodily sensation when they crave nicotine. The smoker then learns how to experience their nicotine craving without responding to it by grabbing a cigarette. Instead, they just focus on their body and their mind and accept the changes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindful meditation is when a person focuses their attention on their breathing or another sensation from the body returning it whenever the mind wanders.
  • Mindful meditation can increase a person’s capacity for awareness of body signals and this is linked to regulating emotions and behaviors.
  • Research has been done that shows mindfulness based interventions can increase a persons ability to change their behavior by improving their capacity for focused attention.

“Most people are aware that adopting a more healthful lifestyle can bring enormous benefits for their physical and mental well-being.”

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