Brita filters work but it also depends on what you are actually trying to remove from your water. A water filter needs to be changed every two to six months and will typically mean 40-120 gallons of water can be consumed before changing the filter. Water filters get rid of many substances such as chlorine, asbestos, lead, mercury and zinc. This is done by the pores in the filter as they come in different sizes and therefore effect what gets filtered through.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brita filters need to be changed every two to six months. You typically can filter 40-120 gallons of water before needing a new one.
  • Standard filters use carbon to lower the mercury content as well as the taste and smell of chlorine that is found in water.
  • Filters have pores that pick out which components can get through the filter and the pores come in different sizes as well.

“Water filters work differently depending on what they are trying to remove. For instance, a filter may catch microscopic parasites and prevent them from exiting a jug while allowing other components of the water through.”

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