There are many different types of waters and each of them come with specific pros and cons. Tap water is probably the most common type of water as everyone has it in their home and while tap water is cheap, pesticides and aluminum can be contained within the tap. Spring water is also very popular because it’s relatively clean but it can get very expensive over time. Finally, alkaline water is becoming popular due to the high pH levels but that high pH level can reduce stomach acid which can lower the bodies ability to fight off bad bacteria.

Key Takeaways:

  • Purified water is great if you know your water source is contaminated but it also removes beneficial substances from your water as well.
  • Alkaline water has a high pH level which can neutralize acid in the body but it also can lower the ability to fight off bad bacteria.
  • Distilled water is great to bring with you if you’re going on a trip where you don’t trust the water but distilled water also contains no vitamins or minerals within it.

“Flavored water, like Hint and Propel, can offer a tasty alternative to plain water, which makes it easier to drink in larger amounts.”

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