When people drink water that is good, it simply tastes right to them. When they water is bad, we simply know something is wrong with it. It can be hard for customers to explain to the water company what is wrong with that water, but companies are eager to improve the dialog between them and their customers. Virginia Tech is setting up a program to better inform people about water so that they can have a more informed dialog with their water providers when something is wrong. Novel methods will be used to help people describe the taste and odor of water.

Key Takeaways:

  • People struggle to identify the issue they are having with water since it is like condensing millions of options into a few words.
  • People’s own expectations cloud them from giving the right explanation for how the water smells or tastes like.
  • Aesthetic water issues can be better addressed if the consumers had access to check-if apply lists and or sensory tools like the T&O Wheel.

“Taste and odor issues in drinking water—also called aesthetic water quality issues—are usually brought to the attention of water utilities by their customers.”

Read more: https://www.technologynetworks.com/applied-sciences/articles/the-tricky-task-of-smelling-and-tasting-drinking-water-339070


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