Keeping hydrated is important during workouts to counteract sweat loss, combat fatigue, and prolong endurance. Drinking water often does the job, but longer or more intense workouts may require electrolyte replacement, which water cannot provide. Instead, try coconut water or sports drinks. Or you can supplement water by eating fruits high in potassium. There are several ways to measure your level of dehydration. You can weigh yourself after a workout, check the color of your urine, or pinch yourself (if properly hydrated, the skin will immediately bounce back to normal). Above all, stop exercising if you feel lightheaded.

Key Takeaways:

  • To ward off dehydration mid-workout, eat plenty of fruit, and drink lots of fluid, especially when thirsty, including sipping on coconut water and sports drinks.
  • Weigh yourself regularly before your exercise and immediately afterwards to determine if you’re losing too many fluids.
  • Check the color of your urine, be mindful of muscles, feeling lightheaded or having dry mouth and drink water accordingly.

“Tossing back some H2O while working out can also help us fight fatigue and prolong endurance.”

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