Modern inventions have seriously diminished the amount of physical activity required of people. This can be problematic since exercise can benefit the heart, overall health, and even the state of your finances. In fact, most Americans fail to meet the standard for recommendations for daily physical activity. This puts them at high risks for diabetes, heart disease and a lowered life expectancy. However, in a recent study, signs, placed at the foot of stairs encouraging people to use them in lieu of elevators and escalators, have proven to be successful at encouraging people to take those crucial steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most American adults do not meet the encouraged daily physical activity standards.
  • Through studies at a few different public places, it was discovered that small signs encouraging the use of stairs actually compelled people to use the stairs.
  • Having an exhausting, sweaty workout at the gym is not the only effective way to increase physical activity.

“It was encouraging that these prompts were effective for adults who exercise regularly as well as those who never exercise, signifying that simple nudges may be an effective motivator for those who have the most to gain from such interventions.”

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