Does drinking fizz make you fat?

On January 9, 2018, in Commentary, by Erik

A recent article posted on BBC News demonstrates that fizzy drinks with high sugar levels makes you fat. In a study last year conducted by the Birzeit University they were able to demonstrate that drinking fizzy drinks correlated with an increase in weight gain by testing their hypothesis on a group of male rats. The group of rats were broken in 2 groups, one group was provided sugary fizzy drinks and the other was provided flat sugary liquids or tap water. The university discovered the rats that drank fizzy drinks had much higher levels of ghrelin which correlated to weight gain. The second study was conducted by BBC’s team of Doctors and Aston University in Birmingham. In this experiment the doctors used human subjects by examining their blood after they had consumed a meal comprised of a cheese sandwich and a drink. The study spanned over several weeks and the subjects had to return to the lab several times, so they could be provided a calorie controlled cheese sandwich and a drink. The drink was the only variable in the experiment that changed each time the subject returned to the lab. What the doctors discovered was that the hunger hormone ghrelin increased over 50% than those subjects provided with a flat sugary liquid or tap water. The result of the experiment demonstrated that carbonated drinks cause your stomach to release ghrelin thereby making your feel hungry. So ultimately, in terms of scientific experiments, this article & the studies show that the healthiest drinking option will always be water.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drinking water of oven sugary water seems to be healthier than drinking soda.
  • Eating carbonated drinks seems to make you eat more calories
  • Scientist are unsure as to the reasons why, people it more after drinking soda.

“So, on top of the 140 calories in the fizzy drink, it seems they ate another 120 calories later in the day as a direct result of the extra ghrelin that was produced by having had a drink with fizz in it.”

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