Whether you’re hooked on traditional or diet soft drinks, consuming two or more of these drinks each day can increase the risk of death from several causes. The excess amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners can heighten the risk of Parkinson’s disease and digestive issues. Not only that, but regularly consuming soft drinks can lead to obesity and heart disease in individuals that would otherwise be healthy. When increasing the amount to four soft drinks each day, the risk of cancer also increases.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beverages either sweetened by artificial sweeteners or with regular sugar are becoming more evident as a risk-factor for living a shortened life.
  • In the study cited, deaths from all causes were associated with people who drank 2 or more sweetened beverages per day.
  • Although the study was done well, it is important to note that sugary drinks or artificially sweetened drinks and death is due to correlation, not causation.

“Now, a new studyTrusted Source suggests those sweet-tasting drinks are associated with an increased risk of earlier death from all causes.”

Read more: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/daily-consumption-of-soft-drinks-can-increase-your-risk-for-death


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