In Britain, people might have to start preparing for limits on their personal water usage the Environmental Agency (EA) has warned. A water crisis is being expected in the near future and the authorities want to get the populace prepared for it. A target has not been specified but a not-for-profit organization, Waterwise, is proposing a daily target of 100 liters per person. The average presently is 140 liters per person. The organization is also advising people on how to be successful in using less water in their daily activities. To find out how much water you use on a daily basis for things like showers and car washing, the site has provided a calculator. You can avail yourself of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • UK is seriously thinking of limiting the amount of water a person uses daily.
  • Currently the proposed limits are 140 liters, but may go as low as 100.
  • While this may seem like a lot, flushing a toilet is often a liter or two, and that is just your waste.

“You can find how much water your daily showers or weekly car wash is using via our calculator below, and also how far off you are from a potential target.”

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