According to a CDP report, two thirds of the world’s largest companies are having their business growth affected by water risk. Many of the company shareholders’ concerns revolve around the business impacts from accessibility to clean water, poor water quality, and overall water scarcity. In fact, the number of investors demanding more corporate accountability on water has increased by 300% since 2010.

It is clear that in order for the companies to appease their shareholders, they must improve their practices to decrease their “water footprint.” Some companies have looked into improvement and have financially benefited, too. Cisco, for example, altered its soldering practice to one that uses less water and is already saving $1 million a year. It’s changes and considerations like that not only will make stockholders happy, help the world, and make for good press, but can also be financially beneficial. For a full story on CDP’s report, click here:: Water risk threatens business growth for world’s largest companies

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