Healthy eating has to come from within someone. No one can force people to eat things that they do not like and no one can force them not to eat the things that they do like. If anyone is trying to achieve a certain body image, then that is on each individual to figure out what it is that they need to do to ensure that they actually do get there. No one can hold another’s hand through the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • If people are interested in what they eat, they need to find out what works for them.
  • People need to educate themselves about what makes something healthy and how it affects their body.
  • Everyone’s body reacts to foods in a different way and that needs to be ingrained in everyone’s minds.

“I have always been really into health and well being. From playing sports when I was younger and growing up on a farm, to doing a lot of reading on health topics.”

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