The World Resources Institute conducted a report covering the freshwater availability across shale resources throughout the planet. Their findings? Every commercial shale development on every continent (save for Antarctica) could be effected by water stress. In fact, 40% of the countries with the largest shale resources could have high water stress levels or arid conditions in their future.

This is a serious issue that can effect nearby citizens’ access to clean water. The report recommends a few practical steps in order to manage water availability and still collect the shale resources. Governments and shale resource companies should conduct water risk assessments, engage with the locals in order to minimize uncertainty, guarantee water safety or access before extracting, and minimize freshwater use when fracking. These steps should be followed to protect the health of citizens, but also quell any “us vs. them” thinking.

For a full article on this issue, click here:: Water Availability is Critical Piece of Shale Resources

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