The Big Business of Bottled Water

On March 4, 2015, in Commentary, by Erik

While even as far back at the 1990’s, bottled water seemed like a joke, but now it has become big business. The global sales forecast for bottled water sales is predicted to exceed $155 billion in 2015, trailing sodas but beating out juice in the beverage wars. What caused such a shift?

It’s a combination of reasons. First, many countries cannot count on their local water sources to be clean enough for consumption. This takes money out of their pockets and into corporations in order to quench their thirst and clean their clothes. Second, there is a global health movement and water is at the forefront. Many dieticians advocate and promote clean water consumption to lose weight and feel healthier. Those two factors alone can account for the current rise in the bottled water business. For a full article about the business of hydration, click here:: Research in Focus – Bottled Water in 2015: The Many Faces of Hydration

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