Major technology companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are becoming increasingly active in the field of healthcare, where unsolved tech requirements abound. Patients increasingly seek an experience more similar to their interactions with tech companies, while the healthcare industry seeks to improve its capabilities. Microsoft and Walgreens, for example, have teamed up to provide digital health services, while Google is applying machine learning technologies to electronic health records to try to predict future health developments. Tech giants are also trying to branch out into the field of consumer-facing medical devices as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many technology companies are investing in healthcare and are reimagining how patients receive care or access their health data, thereby bringing about changes to healthcare.
  • An expert with Forrester states that among other industries, healthcare is behind in the way it delivers its services to its customers.
  • As technology companies bring their technology knowhow and devices to healthcare, there will be changes in care delivery methods, consumer device features, and health information accessibility.

“The healthcare industry continues to struggle with technology issues, such as interoperability, and patients are demanding experiences more like the ones they get from the products and services provided by Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Google.”

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