Indian Village Sick With Toxic Water

On November 18, 2014, in Drinking Water, by Erik

In a remote village along the Indian-Pakistan border, residents are being maimed and even blinded by highly toxic water. Their river is contaminated with lead, uranium, and other heavy metals. Experts suspect Indian factories and Pakistani tanneries of pouring untreated waste into the river, where it seeps into the ground water. The Indian government is […]

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Track Your Diet Without Tracking Your Meals

On November 17, 2014, in Health, by Erik

Sensors like FitBit that track your physical activity are becoming increasingly popular, but when it comes to what you eat it’s always been up to you to report it. Now, though, a University of Alabama project has developed a sensor that could automatically track diet, giving you and your doctors accurate information that might be […]

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A Revolution in Water Purification

On November 14, 2014, in Commentary, Drinking Water, by Erik

A new breakthrough in technology could bring clean water to areas that desperately need it. Find out how you can help!

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8 Glasses a Day, Keeps Kidney Stones Away

On November 12, 2014, in Commentary, Drinking Water, Health, by Erik

Kidney stones are an awful, agonizing ailment. You can help increase prevention by staying well hydrated and drinking less soda. The water will help flush your kidneys regularly and curbing your soda intake will prevent the acid from the drink from forming stones.

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2/3rds of the UK Drink Just a Single Glass of Water Daily

On November 10, 2014, in Drinking Water, Health, by Erik

According to findings by the UK Bottled Water Conference, 59.4% of people in the U.K. drink a single glass of water or less per day. In fact, only 1 in 250 U.K. citizens meet their daily fluid needs. This is a shocking figure since water and hydration as a whole helps prevent various ailments and […]

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Water-Stressed Areas Account for 40% of Future Shale Gas Production

On November 7, 2014, in Commentary, Latest, by Erik

A study has shown that 40% of continents that have shale resources run a high risk of freshwater issues in the future. Further study, interaction with local citizens, and making sure plenty of fresh water is available can help curb that figure.

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Brita Attacks Soda with City of Sugar Advertisement

On November 5, 2014, in Latest, by Erik

In their latest U.S. television commercial, Brita water filters struck a palpable blow against soft drinks. The ad features a city built out of 221,314 sugar cubes. The cubes represent the amount of sugar a person would intake in a lifetime if he or she drank a single can of soda per day. Time will […]

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The Water Angel Movement is a Great Move for Pubs

On November 4, 2014, in Commentary, Health, by Erik

West Sussex City Council has sent literal angels (well, models dressed like them) to pubs and clubs to hand out free water to young drinkers. Drinking a glass of water between alcoholic beverages helps curb drunken behavior and prevents hangovers, too.

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Nephros Receives Clearance to Produce High Grade Drinking Water Filters

On October 31, 2014, in Health, Water Filtration, by Erik

Nephros Inc., a medical device company known for creating high quality liquid purification ultrafilters and equipment used in dialysis, has been given 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to have its filtration system used to filter EPA quality drinking water. The ultra-pure water these filters provide could help wash patients and provide cleaner […]

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Why You Should Drink Hot Water with Lemon Daily

On October 30, 2014, in Commentary, Drinking Water, Health, by Erik

Hot water and lemon seems like a simple, bland beverage that is innocuous. However, it can revitalize you, beef up your immune system, aid in digestion, and have other benefits.

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