Scientists are starting to figure out that our lifestyle is largely impacted by how are genes react to how we are treating our bodies. Dr. Robyn Murphy tells us that we need to consider eating an organic diet so that the cells in our bodies are able to work efficiently. She tells us that stress is the leading cause of sickness. Having anxiety and eating poorly contributes to a negative well being. To fight the ill effects of gene expression; we need to sleep well, exercise, and give our bodies the correct nutrients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our lifestyles impact our genes and can change our health for the better with some effort.
  • Stress creates chronic health conditions, we need to reduce stress by exercise and increase our immune system.
  • Diet is also important. We are literally changing our bodies with food. Maintain a level blood sugar and help prevent heart disease. Control your mindset, eat a wholesome diet, and change your life.

“The majority of people would improve their health and prevent disease if they reduce stress, exercise 150 minutes a week and eat a whole food, organic Mediterranean diet.”

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