To live a happy and healthy life, people first need to find the things that make they happy! Being happy is a state of mind and not everyone is made happy by the same things. Health is a big part of happiness and it comes from being able to do all of the things people want to in life without any issues. By spending time with family and loved ones, they will find what makes them happy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Finding what makes people happy is paramount to everything that they do in their lives.
  • Making sure that people can eat all of the things that they want while still focusing on how to look and feel good is the key.
  • Spending time with loved ones, whether it be family or friends, is so important to everyone.

“Ditch the idea that healthy eating should be about calorie counting, deprivation, quick- fix fads or boring food. Decide to stop focusing on all of the foods one can’t have and make the decision to eat for better health and vitality. I believe we should eat a well-balanced wholefood diet that fuels our bodies to be fit and healthy.”

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