There really are some serious threats that global warming is proposing to the world. There are some people who realize these threats while there are others who continue to bat an eye towards it. For the people who know what global warming is, they know that some of the major cities in the world are going to severely affected down the road. The only way to prevent this is to start preparing for these moments now.

Key Takeaways:

  • There continue to be scientists who are worried about the immediate impact of global warming.
  • The Earth is continuing to change and global warming is a very real thing to those who study it.
  • If any major city is going to be in danger of ceasing to exist, people will take measures to ensure it is saved.

“London’s sinking problem is largely a vestige of the last ice age when glaciers that weighed Scotland down and lifted up the south like a see-saw melted and reversed the effect, according to the study.”

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