New technology has provided a wonderful way to filter drinking water for third world countries and at a much lower cost. This new technology works by using a plastic membrane with chains of chemicals that strain out contaminates and replaces the costly ion-exchange method. This process has even more benefits as it also filters out lithium ions from magnesium salt water. This process opens up an entire new way to extract lithium which, in turn, may eliminate lithium mining. Truly a fantastic invention in the way of being more cost effective and providing healthy options.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new invention enables scientists to successfully filter water at a significantly lower cost for developing countries.
  • The filter uses microscopic strings of chemicals that resemble pasta to eliminate pollutants through the tiny pores.
  • Lithium is the by product of this process which could have a significant impact on lithium mining which is used for a huge range of batteries.

“The team based at Imperial College London believes the new type of plastic membrane will help provide clean drinking water in developing countries more easily and quickly”

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