Keeping our planet clean is becoming more and more difficult as we continue to pollute our environments with plastics and other trash. Because of how difficult it is to clean up beaches and other places, many volunteers who really care about the earth are quitting their volunteer activities. Companies are beginning to participate in programs that allow recycling of their product’s waste, but many consumers are slow to participate on their end. This leads to more trash in the oceans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alan Cookson, a beach-cleanup volunteer leader in west Wales, has quit after four years.
  • Cookson is quitting because he’s grown disillusioned by the sheer volume of plastic littering oceans, lakes, rivers, and seas.
  • There are many organizations and volunteer groups helping the anti-plastic cause; to achieve anything, major environmental steps need to be taken on a corporate level.

“The main road into Aberystwyth, the A44, crosses the Rheidol river multiple times and there’s a very good chance that the plastic that litters the lay-by will end up in the sea.”

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