Life without water

On December 13, 2014, in Commentary, by Erik

How much do you rely on fresh water from the tap?

Most of us drink it and use it daily. It washes our clothes and our dishes. We clean ourselves with it (and it takes away our waste). Now, imagine that access is gone, and all you have is ocean water.

That’s what happened recently in the Maldives when a fire damaged the city of Malé’s desalination plant, removing the island’s fresh water source for 130,000 people.

Bottled water has been brought to aid the nation from India, Sri Lanka, China and the U.S., but it could be a few more days before the plant is back up and running.

It’s so easy to take water for granted when you turn on the tap and it’s always there, but we literally can’t live without it. Having a storage of clean, filtered bottled water isn’t such a bad idea.

Read the full article here: Desalination dependence highlighted by Maldives water crisis


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