Global water treatment product manufacturers are developing many interesting new water purification technologies. Nanotechnology applies materials on an atomic or molecular scale. Several companies are using the process to remove pollutants. NASA has patented an acoustic nanotube technology that has applications for municipal water plants, desalination plants, industrial facilities, and other locations. Photocatalysis is another developing technology. It uses photocatalyst and UV rays to remove toxic substances from water. Automated Variable Filtration is a lower power method based on upward and downward flows. Finally, Aquaporin Inside is a Danish technology based on bio-mimetic water treatment membrane design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nanotechnology is great since it is very efficient and cost-effective and can work at low concentrations.
  • Nanotechnology is also used in nanotubes that drive water away from contaminants.
  • Photocatalysis can treat wastewater that is heavy in with organic particles and metals.

“Nasa’s patented acoustic nanotube technology is available for the firms to license and evolve into a commercial water purification product offering.”

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