Citizens across the United Kingdom began complaining that the water they use was damaging their appliances. Local water authorities conducted an investigation into water at Suffolk and found the highest levels of calcium carbonate in the country. The next highest are Colchester, Luton, Norwich, and Watford.

Twenty five percent of adults in the United kingdom are unaware if they have hard or soft water supplies. Hard water has a much higher mineral count than soft water.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hardwater is damaging to both your body and to your home appliances.
  • Many Brits don’t know if they live in an area with hard water or soft water.
  • The mineral content of water in Ipswich is 423 milligrams per liter, making it the area with the hardest water in England.

“It needn’t be like this, and with a BWT water softener installed your water would be luxuriously soft instead.”

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