A report from ClassPass reveals much about the state of physical fitness during the pandemic. It shows people are exercising more but with different routines. One finding is that people are using their lunch breaks to work out. There’s also more focus on restorative fitness through practices such as yoga and Pilates. While the last year has shown the benefits of digital workouts, many people are recognizing the attractiveness of hybrid workouts that combine in-person with digital. The digital component makes it easier to workout anywhere and, in some cases, mix travel with fitness. Finally, the post-pandemic era will likely see increased appreciation for corporate wellness programs as a way to improve employee well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Studies have shown that the most popular time to work out during the week is actually noon. Lunchtime workouts have increased in popularity by 67%.
  • There has been a brand new focus on restorative fitness genres like yoga and pilates due to the high stress levels experienced in 2020.
  • There has been a major increase in hybrid workouts as people enjoy working out in studio to get a group feeling but also enjoy the convenience of working out from home.

“Self-care and mental health have been trends on the rise in the wellness space for the past few years.”

Read more: https://www.today.com/health/biggest-fitness-trends-look-2021-today-t204089


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