It is more difficult to exercise properly due to the pandemic, but exercise remains essential for overall health. Exercising balances out our lifestyles, and aids digestion and mental health. There are a variety of exercises that are simple, and easy-to-do, but effective in achieving fitness goals. The bridge pose can help by strengthening the upper body using asana. Planking can make our core strong. Leg lifts and other very simple poses are easily done, trivialize our workout routine, and make our goals more achievable.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are dedicated enough, you can be fit and healthy at home.
  • Without some physical workout, food is not digested properly and eventually, makes it difficult for the body to extracts nutrition from the food we eat.
  • Here are some light morning exercises and yoga poses that will keep you fresh and energetic all day long and will bring back the liveliness in you.

“Even though gyms are closed, going to the park in this situation is risky, one can always opt for doing exercise and yoga at home to enhance the body and feel alive all day long”

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