Get a Glass of Water Then Read This

On October 29, 2014, in Drinking Water, Health, by Erik

Did you get a glass of water? If not, I’ll wait. You back? Okay, have a sip and keep reading.

The reason I asked you to keep reading is because most people aren’t drinking getting their daily intake of water. The European Food Safety authority recommends that women drink 8 glasses per day and men drink 10 glasses! That sounds like a bit much, but it’s by design. In fact, have another swig then continue reading.

Many of us tend to satisfy hunger when thirst should be a higher priority. Water helps with digestion, fatigue, and adds energy. It cleans and rinses out our systems. If that doesn’t convince you, then know this: a human can go up to eight weeks without food but can’t live past five days without water. Okay, now finish your glass. Thanks.

For more info and suggestions on how to keep hydrated, read more here.

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