Dina Juve, co-owner of Fitness Social, offers her tips for taking a more balanced, common sense approach to fitness and exercise. Her tips include finding real reasons for taking the effort for a healthy lifestyle that you will fight to achieve, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding processed foods. Including healthy fats from fish, nuts and oils will reap real health rewards. She also recommends enjoying treats in moderation instead of trying to deny them altogether. A big part is not beating yourself up over the foods you eat, instead trying to eat the foods that make you feel best, and being mindful of eating just when you are hungry. As part of that, slowing down when you eat will help moderate your intake. She suggests adding color with more fruits and vegetables, and eating out in moderation. Lastly, she stresses that exercise needs to also be done in moderation. There’s no sense in sprinting out of the gate if you can’t sustain it. Find a diet and exercise routine that your can stick to.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask yourself why you are changing your diet before you do it.
  • All of the systems in your body need water, so drink plenty of it.
  • Make sure to eat real and organic foods and stay away from heavily processed ones.

“Avoid foods that are heavily processed or contain large amounts of artificial sweeteners, dyes or chemicals.”

Read more: https://www.fresnobee.com/living/article192634754.html


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