Coca Cola’s VitaminWater is a popular brand of flavored water. Its name and labeling lead consumers to believe the drink is healthy. We know vitamins are good for us and we need to drink water, so why wouldn’t it be? Look a little closer at the label – it’s a trick!

The drink is actually full of sugar, and the tricks don’t end there. The label lists 13 grams of sugar per serving, but there are 2.5 servings in each bottle. There is almost the same amount of sugar in a bottle of VitaminWater as there is in a can of coke.

The added vitamins don’t really save it, either – they’re included in small amounts and not easily digested. You won’t find any trace of real fruit in fruit punch or any other flavor either – everything is artificially added.

If you really insist on drinking your vitamins, consider making your own vitamin water. All you need is some good filtered water and some fresh produce. The article below will tell you how!

Read the full article here: Vitamin Water – Are We Being Deceived?

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