Singer Darious Campbell was hospitalized after drinking water from the Thames that passed through a filter he was selling for charity. The incident obviously created questions surrounding the filter itself but it was found out quickly that the filter used was an inoperable display model. The filters are apparently good at filtering out 99.9% of bacteria when used properly. Darius Campbell from drinking the water, had a cerebral oedema from drinking the water which is generalized brain swelling.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new water filter that Darius Campbell was promoting actually works because people have used the filter and didn’t get sick from drinking the filtered water.
  • The reason Darius Campbell got sick from drinking water that supposedly used the filter is because it was actually a model for the filter and not the real deal.
  • Darius Campbell got really sick with his brain swelling up which means that highly contaminated water is deadly serious.

“He drank water from the Thames through the filter, unaware that it was a prototype and not the real deal.”

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