AOL UK has issued a feature story about loons. The story describes the bird, found in North America, and its main characteristics. It is a water bird that can barely walk on land, and must take off in water. It runs across the water to fly. It has a distinctive call. AOL featured a video taken by a couple. The couple approached a loon who called out to them without fear. The loon came closer when the couple tried to imitate the call. They took several photos.

Key Takeaways:

  • A couple went canoeing and were able to record an interesting interaction with a loon bird.
  • The loon bird replies every time the couple calls out to it.
  • Loons are graceful birds that can be found all across North America.

“The loon dove repeatedly but always surfaced nearby, venturing back each time to get close to the canoe. Being so close to a curious wild loon is an unforgettable experience.”

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