Recent Scripps Institute research study shows that body temperature has a critical role in acquiring benefits through diet. Approximately half of our food intake is transformed into energy with the sole purpose of maintaining the temperature of our body. Study has repeatedly shown that lower calorie intake results in decreased body temperature. In turn, our body goes into a mode where it preserves energy until food becomes available. In essence, our metabolism is slowed down so the food craving happens less frequently.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new study highlights the crucial role body temperature plays in achieving the health benefits of reduced calorie intake.
  • Among mammals, body temperature will decline if less food is consumed.
  • The research shows that body temperature has at least as big an effect on metabolism as nutrients.

“On the flip side, studies have shown that preventing body temperature from dropping can actually counteract the positive effects of calorie restriction. Notably, in an experiment involving calorie-restricted mice, anti-cancer benefits were diminished when core body temperature remained the same.”

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